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  • Photos from IIREC Technologies Israel visit last week in Barcelona at the international cellular exhibition "GSMA MOBILE" which took place between 24-27.02.2014.Visit yielded avenues and new bonds for the product ZONE030 the Smart Card. Read more »
  • 03.10.2013 - Channel 10 news debriefing: Schools ignore instructions and expose the students to radiation.(Content in Hebrew) Read More »
  • 08.05.2013 - An article from the israeli newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" entitled: "Radiation in class". (content in Hebrew) Read More »
  • Belgian Health Ministry recently banned the sale of mobile devices for children under the age of seven Read More »
  • Report on "Haareetz" under the titel: "Israeli cell phone company to compensate customer who contracted cancer" Read More »
  • An article from the Nature News Blog: "Italian court says mobile phones cause cancer". Read More »
  • 08.10.2012 - Report broadcast on Channel 2 News entitled "Radiation is harmful to the human body". (Hebrew content) Read More »
  • 11.08.2012 - Report broadcast Channel 10 under the title: Great Plague of the 21st century? that dealing with people who are sensitive to radiation. (Content in Hebrew) Read More »
  • 19.6.2012 - A news story that was posted on IDF radio station website "Galei Tzahal" dealing with people who had to live in isolation because of their sensitivity to radiation.Content in Hebrew Read more »
  • Article from the "Washington Post" website under the title:FCC considers whether to study cellphone radiation Read more »