IIREC (the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility) is backed by globally leading scientists of electrophysics, biophysics, environmental medicine and wave genetics. Based on theoretical and experimental discoveries from the past 15 to 20 years, IIREC has successfully amalgamated the individual results into a multidisciplinary, unified working model.

For the first time, methods have been developed within IIREC that can physically measure and biologically assess non-thermal effects. The biological significance of the measurement methods has been proven by comparison with data from orthodox medical data in a placebo-controlled, randomized double-blind study under the supervision of a notary.

IIREC institute research activities:

  • Physical methods for measuring non-thermal effects
  • Resonance waves and their phase coherence in water
  • Effective protection concepts against electromagnetic pollution
  • Non-linear physics research into protective measures
  • Biological parameters for assessing non-thermal effects
  • Fundamental research on the electromagnetic impulse
  • Mathematical field and potential theory