Measurement Methods

ZONE030 smart card reduces the level of exposure to radiation!

ZONE030 smart card has been tested by several international institutions and leading experts in the field of radiation and proved to be effective!
Between the bodies and the experts who examined the product you can find the International Institute EUROFINS and the Standards Institute of Israel.




IIREC Institute has developed a unique measuring method - spatial measurement (area scanning) and it can be used to check the effectiveness of smart card ZONE030 before and after attaching it to mobile device or any electronic/electric devices.

There are three types of measurements:

Technical measurement for mobile devices

Its purpose is to examine the level of exposure to radiation damage in isolated background interference (electromagnetic field mapping) and reducing the level of radiation exposure after ZONE030 card is attach to the device.
The result: the level of exposure to radiation damages after the attaching of ZONE030 smart card is reduce by 86% - 99% ! *


Technical measurement for home and work environment



The measurement is done by measuring surface that spread over the test area and by using a Tesla - meter that measures the tested area.
The result: reduced exposure to radiation damages in home and work environment to a natural range by 90%  100% !  *


Crownscopy test - human body biofeedback

The exam is made on the human body without the use of a mobile device, second test after using the mobile device without smart card and finally test with mobile device and ZONE030 smart card attached to it.

The result is a natural fit between body and device. Attaching it to a mobile reducing exposure to radiation damages by 89% - 98% ! *



* Range of exposure level is measured according to the type of device