Professional Articles About Radiation

  • Israeli study that takes place by scientists in the ``Technion`` that deals whit the subject: Focused effects on the eyes from a radiation of wavy radio. Read more »
  • Dutch study from 2003 under the title: Effects of universal communication systems and wavy radio fields, on processes in human body. Read more »
  • 22.08.2005 - Study that was published on : Exposure to the electromagnetic fields amplifies on Haopoptozis gins in male body that can pass to his child. Read more »
  • Study of professor franz Adlkofer under the title: Injury in the chromosomes of human body as a result from exposure to the electromagnetic fieldsIn very low frequencies (ELF). Read more »
  • German study under the title:The effects of GSM on the human body. Read more »
  • Study that takes place in Sweden, Russia and Slovakia was published in 2005 under the title:microwave from telephones with GSM, influence on human body.
      Read more »
  • Austrian study that takes place by the university of Vienna in 2005 under the title :
    Symptoms, problems of sleep, and cognitive functioning next to portable telephones and stations of basis. Read more »
  • Articles from the press and the websites dealing with the danger of prolonged use of mobile phones.(Content in Hebrew) Read more »
  • 14.04.2008 - An article that was published through the Russian branch of ICNIRP association uder the title:"Children and mobile phones-The health of the follwing generations is in danger". Read more »
  • Study that takes place by the Russian scientist Lebedeva from year 2001 under the title:Investigation of the brain shows that in sleeping the human body exposed to the electromagnetic fields from mobile phones. Read more »