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Dr. Medinger


Founder and scientific director of IIREC Institute Krems, Austria.
Sworn and legally certified expert on chemicals and enviromental protection.
First legally acknowledge advisor in Austria on the biophydical effects of
Enviormental protection adviser of the European Union for the EU eastward enlargement.
Assistant board member in the international Climate Alliance of European Cities.
Member and workgroup leader in the specialized standards committe
Luftreinhaltung (Air Pollution Control) of the Austrian Standardization Institute.
Member of the Austrian Enviormental Council (advising body of Austrian
Member of the International workgroup biophysik (Biophysics)
Author and speaker.
Director and teaching IIREC's measurement method in different European academies.
Director of the office for Conservation and Enviormental Protection of state
capital linz (currently on sabbatical leave for research purposes)
He has conducted his own extensive research on theoretical physics and
biophysics concerning normal states of EM fields and living organisms.