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IIREC Technologies Israel Ltd is the developer and manufacturer of ZONE030 Smart Card which marketed worldwide.

IIREC Technologies Israel Ltd is the developer and manufacture of ZONE030 Smart Card and gives the franchise to market the Smart Card worldwide, conducts magnetic fields Measurement, according to the patent procedure of IIREC the international Institute for Research located in Krems, Austria.
IIREC Technologies is an Israeli based technology company founded in 2005.

Parent company located in Austria, has a Internationally leading know-how in the field of environmental compatibility of flashed radiation and continuous radiation.
The institute provides engineering consultants office for electromagnetic compatibility protection, and as a international institute in the matter of electromagnetic compatibility conducted by Dr. Medinger founder and scientific director of IIREC Institute Krems, Austria.

IIREC researches actively in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and non-chemical water quality. It communicates its comprehensive knowledge in an academy of its own.

IIREC represents international leading know-how in the field of the physical and biological effects of electromagnetic fields and waves - especially concerning athermic effects beyond the energetic effect.



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